Our enterprise has been present on the market for many years now. Over that time, we have gained considerable experience in the field of extensive quilting of fabrics. We apply the ultrasonic method, which means that in our work we do not use needles or threads.

They are keen to provide our Customers with professional advice and meet all their requirements. In our shop, we present thousands of patterns of quilted fabrics. We cooperate both with individuals and with companies. We would like to invite you to contact us and to cooperate with us.

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Quilting of fabrics – a rich assortment!

We offer best-quality quilted fabrics. We produce materials which are perfect for making jackets and coats.

They can be also used to produce protective, medical and work clothes. Apart from that, we guarantee the perfect quality of mattress and bedding materials.


We also sell fabrics. You can buy from us the best linings and knitted materials. We offer outstanding, modern quilt patterns, as well as traditional and classical ones.

Attractive prices guaranteed!


What does ultrasonic quilting consist in?

The ultrasonic sewing method is safe for the environment and extremely economical! Working in accordance with that method does not require the use of needles, glues, threads or tapes.

Ultrasonic quilting makes it possible to finish and connect synthetic fabrics. This can be done by heating materials with the use of ultrasounds and by bonding them together by pressing. This leads to producing super-strong fabrics.

This method makes it also possible to emboss patterns and shapes on materials with various textures. That’s why clothes and accessories made of quilted materials are renowned for their remarkable aesthetic qualities.


If you are looking for a reliable plant which specialises in producing quilted materials – come to us! We guarantee nice and competent service. We offer advice on choosing appropriate fabrics.


pikowanie ultradżwiękami